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Logo design for a non-profit LGBTQ+ startup.

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The Brief

Back in 2014 I was living in Guernsey and was fortunate to be part of the birth of Liberate – the first LGBTQ+ charity in the Channel Islands. In the years since Liberate has played a significant part in legislation updates and education on LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion, the introduction of same sex marriages, and discrimination legislation.

As the Channel Islands were somewhat behind the UK on the majority of LGBTQ+ legislation, issues and awareness, the logo design brief was a challenge due to its conflicting nature:

Strong but subtle, clearly LGBTQ+ but inoffensive and professional. Something that would not be out of place with other governmental initiatives but clearly communicate LGBTQ+

Logo design

The final result was very well received by a large and diverse board of founders, and continues to be fresh and appropriate to this date.

client feedback:


Back in 2014, Liberate was to be the first LGBTQ+ charity in the Channel Islands and due to its conservative nature, we needed a brand that would be strong, representative, but also subtle, professional, and unoffensive.

The logo Lauren has created for us hit those points perfectly. The main logo and other graphic materials Lauren has produced for us continue to stand the test of time.

Liberate is over 8 years old now and we currently feel that the branding is as fresh and appropriate as the day it was created and have no plans to change it.

Ellie Jones

Founding Member and CEO, LIBERATE, Guernsey